This bitch is out of control … Sharyl Attkisson!

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Sharyl Attkisson

The context of the emails is concern about news reports that put Eric Holder at the center of the Fast and Furious scandal. In the first email, at 7:46, Schmaler says that there were no Fast and Furious stories from the NY Times, the Associated Press, Reuters, the Washington Post, NBC or Bloomberg.

But there is one person out of step: Sharyl Attkisson. Schmaler writes:
I’m also calling Sharryl’s editor and reaching out to Schieffer. She’s out of control.
Which is highly revealing: the Obama administration expects reporters to be under control. As, of course, they generally are, like the Times, the Post, AP, etc.

Schultz replies: Good. Her piece was really bad for AG.
We can’t have that. We need to get the one reporter willing to dig into the story under control.

But Schultz can’t seem to believe the White House’s good fortune:
Why do you think no one else wrote? Were they not fed the documents?

Apparently the others are all loyal Democrats.

You can see it’s not the media that won’t cover scandals it’s the only one that will cover scandals that is “out of control” … and the most transparent Obama administration ever can’t have that bitch out of control.

Get her book and read it … Stonewalled and make up your own mind who is “out of control!”


UAE publishes terrorist list …

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check out # 59 and # 65

59. Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair)

65. Muslim American Society (Mas)

Two prominent muslim groups that President Obama loves.