MSM missed this story

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Top Obama aides subject of Blagojevich subpoenas

UPDATE: SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Sweeping federal subpoenas of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration include requests for records involving David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, senior advisers to President Barack Obama.
Among 43 subpoenas released by the Blagojevich administration Friday, one from Dec. 8 seeks notes, calendars, correspondence and any other data that relate to Axelrod, Jarrett and 32 other people and organizations.

That was the day before the FBI arrested Blagojevich, a two-term Democrat, on charges that he tried to trade his appointment to replace Obama in the Senate for campaign contributions. Wiretapped conversations show Blagojevich thought Jarrett was interested in the seat and he wanted campaign money or a high-paying job in return, according to a sworn statement.

Obama’s staff released a report in December that said his staff had no inappropriate contact with the governor’s office about the Senate seat, nor was anyone aware of any dealmaking. Axelrod, a Chicago political strategist now in the White House, was not mentioned in the report.

Prosecutors have said Obama is not implicated in the case, and none of his advisers has been accused of wrongdoing. Aides to the president did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Does that surprize anyone ? Not Jack …


ACL - fuck U

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ACLU is targeting prayer wherever they find prayer. Lately they have gone after military, city councils … any they can find.

Hey ACL-fuck U go after the Hamas supporting lover that will be giving a prayer at Obamas inauguration! Opps … no can’t do that.

 I love Hamas ... let me count the ways.
Jihad Watch

Or they can’t find the White House … which is it ACL-fuck U?

ACL-fuck U will not only NOT go after this prayer player but DEFEND it!

NEW YORK - The American Civil Liberties Union represents the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and another mainstream Muslim organization, the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), in an effort to clear their designations as “unindicted co-conspirators” by prosecutors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism-financing case. Neither organization was the subject of a criminal investigation or charged with any crime.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson, the head of ISNA, is scheduled to deliver a prayer at the Obama inauguration ceremonies.

The following can be attributed to Hina Shamsi, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project:

“There is absolutely no direct evidence that ISNA has any ties to terrorist organizations, including Hamas, and any implication to the contrary is nothing but guilt by association created by the U.S. government through its illegal and false accusations. In fact, after the government made its original public smear, it admitted to ISNA’s lawyers in private that the government has no evidence of wrongdoing by the organization.

“By publicly smearing this organization without providing a forum for ISNA to clear its name, the government has acted with blatant disregard for its constitutional rights - and perpetuates a controversy based on no evidence. The government’s action is particularly deplorable because the charge it makes is so inflammatory that it has caused the organization’s reputation and good name to be dragged through the mud. We will continue to fight to ensure the government fulfills its constitutional obligation to set the record straight.”

Jack is no prayer freak as you might guess . Who gives a shit if these people pray (MUSLIMS TOO) really who cares! ACLU cares when it’s one group …. and screams bloody BS for all others.


Did Hamas just blink?

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Israel puts pressure on Hamas before truce vote

Israel’s 12-member Security Cabinet was expected to approve the Egyptian proposal, under which fighting would stop immediately for 10 days. Israeli forces would remain in Gaza and the territory’s border crossings with Israel and Egypt would remain closed until security arrangements are made to prevent Hamas arms smuggling.

Under the deal, Egypt would shut down weapons smuggling routes with international help and discussions on opening Gaza’s blockaded border crossings — Hamas’ key demand — would take place at a later date.

Jacks take is Hamas officials outside Gaza will talk tuff. Inside Gaza they have had their ass handed to them and they know it. If this continues inside Gaza Hamas knows they will be dead.

Reading this proposal though Jack also thinks it is a temperary stop measure. This will go on to episode 2,495,070. Best part about this is the the UN is not involved … thank god.


ATT … MF’s

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Jack has just spent over an hour on hold to report his telephone line has no dial tone. It seems the PHONE company could do better than that.

Of all the services that Jack has it’s the GD phone company that it’s hardest to get on the GD phone!


Disproportionate Rocket Attacks …

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… No not by Israel!

War is deceit … Mohammad”

Hamas - Fathi Hamad
by bivouac-id

And Mohammad was one of the most deceitful.


Escape From Hamas … and the drug.

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Happy New Year 2009

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This is how Jack feels …

I want to ta ta you baby

dirty dancin ...