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Kuffar (Arabic: ???? k?fir; plural ????? kuff?r ) is an Arabic word meaning persons who hides, denies, or covers the truth. In cultural terms, it is a derogatory term used to describe non-Muslims, Muslims of a differing sect, or an apostate from Islam. It is often translated into English as “infidel” and carries the weight of a racial epithet.

Debate exists between some Muslim scholars as to whether the term applies to Jews and Christians. Generally speaking, the more fundamentalist the scholar, the more likely they will rule that this term applies to those groups.

Jack is a proud “kuffar”. DiveDesk is here to highlight Islamic teachings and actions of muslims in todays world. He also will cover other politcal, religious, economic, etc topics.

He makes no claims of being fair and balanced. What he will do is give you the facts or point you to the facts. It’s up to his readers to decide for themselves!


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