Do the Burqa …

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and the death threats insue.

(Reuters) - The Dutch minority government plans to ban Muslim face veils such as burqas and other forms of clothing that cover the face from next year.


Australian Open …

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Ok Ok … somebody named Victoria Azarenka won the Aussie Open. Who cares when you can play with this?

she is a winner everyday.

She still rules!


Hard hitting journalism …

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Watch this. Do you think this is journalism or a love fest? Jack was waiting for her to ask … after the interview will you fuck me … PLEASE!

i love you

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It is sickening what the MSM will do for Obama.


One good reason to vote Obama out of office.

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There are many GOOD reasons to vote Obama out of office. The Solyndra scandel is one that comes to mind. The Fast and Furious scandel is another that comes to mind. But the rejection of the Keystone pipeline this week by Obama is a no brainer to vote the bum out. These are shovel ready jobs that would ween the US off ME oil and Obama says NO! This one should be a deal breaker for even liberal democrats.


Jack will knock her … Haywire!

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Gina Carano is a fighter. Jack’s up for a good scrap.

come on jack

He thinks he can take her. :) May have to endure some hard licks till her gets her on the mat in full mount … but if that happens she’s toast!


The one constant in this world … CHANGE!

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Jack recieved the audio book Bio of Steve Jobs as a christmas present this year. The Bob Dylan classic was one if not Steve Jobs favorite. Nothing could still be truer than … These Times are Changing. From America to Europe to Africa to Middle East to North Korea even to a little rock in middle of Mediterranean.

What Jack came away from Jobs bio was what a prick he was ! Jack can accept that in his business dealings. Thing is he was a prick in his personal life also. Steve Jobs was not a nice guy. Steve jobs was not a good father. Steve Jobs was not a good husband. WHY? Because Steve Jobs had only one thing that was really important to him … the PRODUCTS!

Now the ME/muslim world is going through dramatic change in some ways today. Every muslim that has removed the prick they had as ruler is changing. Thing is they are changing BACK to the 7th century NOT going forward into the future. They are going back to the basics of good ol Islam. Implementing ol time sharia (cutting of thiefs hands, stoning, killing off of other religions) … that is their change. The world was all giddy with the overthrough of the tyrants. Jack thought to himself … when muslims get the chance to elect what they want … it will be Islam and it won’t be pretty. That is coming true before the world today and it’s getting uglier by the day. 2012 is going to be a wild ride from the elections here in the US to elections all over the world.

Jack is almost to where he wants to be … RETIRED … If not late 2012 sometime in 2013. At that time Jack says … Let it Rain.

Until then … the one thing that has never changed.

For the Apple faithful God died October 5, 2011 and these times are changing.