Tom Brady … 1

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… Jack … 0

she is off the market!

She has Mrs Jacks lips ...

But spamers … 0 … for now!
Jack … 1

Jack has turned off comments for awhile to let the spamers cool their heels.


No matter how hard we try …

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… to put on Carnival (aka: Mardi Gras) in my little town, Galveston or even New Orleans … it can’t compare to the real deal.

Real Deal ... Carnival

This is truely Viva la Vida

Jack will admit it’s still pretty cold here at that time of year.


What’s wrong with this picture?

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The media is more interested in a story about a Chimpanzee than a muslim cutting his wifes head off.

Now that may shock you but it doesn’t shock Jack. The media has downplayed most all Islamic “honor killings” calling them anything but Islamic honor killings. The media has even called the latest “domestic violence.” Jack can agree that it was domestic and it was violent and it was also an honor killing. Think about it! This was’t an executioner (though she was executed) … the man cut her head off.

Yes Islamic honor killings are in the US as well as in every country muslims live in today.

But move along says the media … nothing to see here!


This stinks …

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… to high heaven!

Rat Board


After spending weeks in the cold!

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For the few that do visit DiveDesk … Jack has been working. Yea really working! He even got out in the field with the crews ;) He is ready for some R&R and some warm weather!

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