What did Phil Robertson SAY!

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OMG can you believe it. He knew exactly what he was doing when he said it.

Burn Phil Robertson at the stake

Pic per that skank Perez Hilton.

Basically what Phil said is that a woman’s vagina has more to offer than a man’s anus. GLADD and the LGBT community got their panties in a wad from him saying that in an interview and demanded he be removed from Duck Dynasty. A&E suspended Phil from the show immediately. You CAN’T say that and be on television today.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,” he’s quoted as saying.

Jack agrees with Phil. A woman’s vagina has so much more to offer than a man’s anus. Now all you fags can call Jack a vile hate spewing whatever. Jack could care less as Phil could care less about doing this show.

Obama and Dems are thrilled by this … WHY? Because no one will be talking about Obamacare and the dismal job #’s this week!


Just slit Jacks throat now!

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All this ruckus about what Brent Musberger said Monday night about Miss Alabama. ESPN issues an apology!

that is beautiful

Call Jack a sexist pig fine but come on … what is this world coming too!

The only dumber thing this week is the Trillion-Dollar coin which Jay Carney when asked whould not rule out.

Krugman wrote in his New York Times blog yesterday that Obama should be willing to mint a $1 trillion coin “if Republicans try to force America into default.” Obama will “be faced with a choice between two alternatives: one that’s silly but benign, the other that’s equally silly but both vile and disastrous,” Krugman wrote. “The decision should be obvious.”

51% of Americans (democrats) voted for this shit and that’s exactly what they are getting … shit!


Annual turkey bird day game …

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… Cowboys and Redskins. This ain’t pee wee league football. It’s going to get physical.




Game of the week …

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Florida Gators vs LSU Tigers!

Florida has home field advantage.

florida gators

But how you can bet against LSU! They have massive talent/depth in every position.

check these footballs


Breaking: Dallas Cowboys moving

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After the dismal showing last night Jerry Jones is considering a move to the LFL in order to be more competive. They also will be able to cut cost by getting their uniforms on site at the new Victoria Secret store at Dallas stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys owner is making another bold move, opening a Victoria’s Secret PINK store for Monday’s game vs. the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium.

Obviously, this is groundbreaking. This is the first underwear store to open at a professional sports stadium or venue. Or so we think.

gang tackling

Remember you got it from Jack. Now if they can just win a few games!


Jack can get on this Eco bandwagon.

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The Cowboys play tonight but the hot team right now are the Eagles. But to the post title.

So Hot Clicks salutes the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders on being the first girls to produce their annual calendar on eco-friendly, recycled paper.

eco friendly chicks

Not your typical liberal tree huggers.

Christina Aguilera - it's a man's world (HD)… by SylvanasVanHellsing


New York 17 … Dallas 24

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Kiss it …

kiss it good

The healing has begun for the faithful Dallas Blue.


What else has Jack been doing …

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… watching the snatch and grab Olympics … ofcourse! US women take the gold.

it that a tit

Looks like fun to Jack. Keep up the good work ladies!


Jack’s getting a little excited …

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… about the 2012 Olympics. He likes to watch.


And for years now he’s tried to steal those codes … 1 finger, 2 finger … what’s all that?



Jack wants an EBT card …

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so he so can get some of his tax money back!

What is an EBT card?

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allows a recipient to authorize transfer of their government benefits from a Federal account to a retailer account to pay for products received. EBT is used in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. EBT has been implemented in all States since June of 2004.

if obama had a son he would look like this

Jack promises he won’t buy beer, cigs, lotto tickets, bet on the ponies or even pay for lap dances with that money.

Jack does not promise to not use the money for bail money if he gets arrested. Jack told Eric Holder he is one of “his people” and got the nod for the bail money.

ps: ok ok … jack would use the card at a strip club if they had ATM and the gal was extremely robust.


Keeping with Spy theme from last post …

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The new bond girl?

you mean these girls ... James

You say NO way! She has made one film. Short clip that she showed her ample assets. Didn’t win any awards but did vault her career into the business. Maybe a non speaking part would be good … just alot bikinis and moaning.

Hmmm … What would her bond movie name be? Assa Plentatious?

Now the real news of the day. Obama NOW says that the “Buffet Rule” was NEVER intended to help with the debt crisis. It’s about being fair. Funny but the “Buffet Rule” WAS touted as a start to reduce the debt until the public finally is told the truth that taking ALL the millionaires money would run the government till noon of ONE day! So Kim you better watch out … Obama is after your Assets more than vevr!


About the game …

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Jack watched the Superbowl this year which he refused to watch last year. It was a good game. A few of things.

1. He has never seen a player try NOT to score!
2. M.I.A. is still MIA on Jacks playlist.
3. Tom Brady had a bad night but he still had this to go home to for comfort in their new $20 million home … and she even washes his car!

and she washes his car.


Jack will be boycotting!

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For the first time in Super Bowl history Jack will be boycotting the game … WHY?


No cheerleaders! That’s right Pittsburgh and Green Bay does not have NFL cheerleaders.


This weeks gratuitous shot …

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Bet you thought it would be that Megyn Kelly thing with her posing for CQ? Come on … give Jack a little credit!


Its all in the presentation.

She does resemble Megyn a little though Yikes … they are both blonde with dimples.


Obama: Time for compromise?

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Jack is watching “60 Minutes” Obama interview. Ok Jack is ready to compromise … a Houston Texan pic instead of Dallas Cowboy. And from this interview that’s about as much as Obama is willing to compromise on any issue.

Houston Texans

Obama is under some illusion that he’s still the “1″ after the midterm elections.


Football … Week 7

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Naaaa … not really … just some nice x’s an o’s.


Melany Lorenzo: Lingerie Football League diagrams the play. Take the handoff … split the seam and ram it into the endzone!