Obama: I don’t wanna get bogged down in numbers.

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Jack watched that show yesterday and one thing struck him strange. When Obama was presented with hard numbers by Paul Ryan … he didn’t want to discuss that.

I don’t wanna get bogged down in numbers.

Obama talks about 30+ million people without healthcare … numbers?
Obama talks about skyrocketing cost of healthcare … numbers?
Obama talks about ramming obamacare through with 51 votes using the reconciliation process … numbers?

See what Jack means … but let’s not talk about the numbers.

Then what’s this all about champ?

Maybe he meant these numbers … cause he’s surely getting bogged down!


Islam: Should have done your homework … hun!

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Muslim Women Protest Policies At Islamic Center Of Washington

You are a second class citizen as a muslim woman.

Some women who protested at the Islamic Center of Washington, wanting to be able to worship in the main prayer hall with their male counterparts, were asked to leave by the police. But they say their struggle will continue.

Carpets with intricate designs cover the floors of the main prayer hall and turquoise tiles line the walls. But the source of contention is a small room created with seven foot high wooden walls. Jannah B’int Hannah describes how she feels in there where she cannot see the imam, or leader of the mosque, speak.

“Boxed in, stifling, suffocating and totally a second class citizen,” says Hannah.

Over the weekend, Hannah and approximately 20 other women prayed in the main hall, but D.C. police were called. They asked them to leave or be arrested.

“Boxed in, stifling, suffocating and totally a second class citizen,” says Hannah.

It’s a little late to learn what it is like being a muslim woman AFTER coverting. Pecking order in Islam is right there in the fine print of the Quran. This case is pure Islam.

Islam gives absolutely NOTHING to a woman that she already doesn’t have and more in the west. By converting a woman is taking giant strides backwards and the struggle begins all over. Problem is there is NO concept of equality among men and women in Islam. There are roles. A man’s role and a woman’s role in life.

Jack’s advice for these gals is to get behind that partition … or you might get a “light beating.” This is not in Saudi or Iran or where you might think. This is in Washington, DC … United States of America.

“You might think the threat is over there in the Middle East,” said Darwish, author of “Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror.” “The problem is, we have books in America teaching that apostates must be killed. … The problems emanate from Muslim leadership in America. They won’t sign any document that says, ‘We are against shari’a.’”


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This is how much trouble the US is in … OCare

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This thursday President Obama will hold his much heralded “Bipartisan” meeting with Republicans on the health-care summit. It will all be televised for transparency. Today Obama showed his hand … here it is.

You think you can challenge ME!

Now this is the part that will be so evident of the trouble today. Jack which we all know is not some political wizard or economist or whateva … can and could if invited to this summit show exactly how Obama’s plan will NOT bring cost down. Show how the plan is supposedly paid for is smoke and mirrors at best. Plus CBO say they can’t put a price on it. Jack can’t put a price on it either. Let’s take a look at how the plan is to be paid for according to Obama though.

Basically according to Obama the plan is going to be so attractive to business and they are going to save so much money under his plan … businesses are going to give raises to their employees which in turn will create the extra tax revenue, plus cut fraud from existing system.

Ok take the first part … show of hands on will that happen? WHAT… no one put their hand up!

On the fraud part, do it now idiot if there’s that much fraud … why wait!

Come on champ … invite Jack. He needs a vacation and some laughs.

Oh and the NEW taxes too … Jack almost forgot.


Islam: Board members come on, (and) they leave.

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Dallas Islamic Leader Deported

In court, the judge made vague references to the government’s voluminous motion to deport him, including alleged involvement with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The judge concluded Sadoun lied on government forms when he denied he was a member.

The judge also indicated there was evidence Sadoun contributed to the Richardson-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which was the largest Islamic charity in the United States. Prosecutors convicted the group of funneling money to terrorist groups and several of its leaders were sent to prison. In the case, CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator.

How many high ranking members of this terrorist organization (CAIR) will it take before they are shut down? Can you think of any other organization that has been shown to be such a scam and STILL in operation full steam ahead? Jack can think of only one. The organization our president cut his teeth on … ACORN.


A real “who done it” movie.

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Dubai murder strains Israel ties

The whole of the Arab world is screaming Mossad!

But the only people in custody are Palestinians.

“Thirdly, there are two Palestinians arrested in Jordan and deported to Dubai and at least one Palestinian belonging to Hamas arrested in Damascus in conjunction with this operation. And all of us know it is very easy to go to the internet and steal anybody’s identity if we are a professional organisation.

This one is going to make a great movie.

Meantime in the Westbank … party time.


Islam: Loose women steer clear of Malaysia.

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Malaysia begins caning women for adultery

What bitches!

Bangkok, Thailand
Malaysia caned three Muslim women convicted of adultery by a court of Islamic law, the first time that women in the multi-faith country have been subject to the punishment.

Canings have begun. That should do wanders for the tourist industry in Malaysia. Next they’ll go after the infamous ladyboys of Malaysia … naaa … they’ll be the mullahs personal ladys.

Big Daddy Mullah.

This is going to break the Arabs heart. Where are they going to go on holiday now!


Yep count the muslims pissed off already!

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Jack likes it. Thinks he may get him one. It’ll match his eyes and keep his neck warm in this cold weather. When he worked as lineman/serviceman he’d wear one all the time except his was made like a Texas flag. Oh yea and it would piss those Louisiana hands off unmerciably.

Anyway here’s the story … comment if you’d like.

Just one more thing for muslims to rage on about.

A few muslim comments …

At the moment I’m too pissed to comment.

It’s not something worth wasting the time arguing on

It’s just a piece of garment

This is what they’re best at…stealing and taking.


Do you know how stupid you are?

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No problem … Bill Maher will tell you.

See … the American public is just to damn dumb to think for themselves. The Democrats in government must do that for us dummies. Now that is Jack’s idea of real socialism … Comrade Bill!

The first Mrs Jack is a high school english teacher and had to correct Jack’s speech all the time when they were married. Thing is during her college days she dropped algebra 3 times so she wouldn’t have a failing grade on her transcript. Yep the one that could speak real well couldn’t do basic algebra. That dummy Jack helped her make a B that 4th try. ;) See that’s the problem with these “humanitys” people … they can’t do basic math but they can sure tell you how friggin stupid you are with their eloquent words.


If infidels fight back there will me more terrorist?

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Wife of airline liquid bomb plotter prayed he would achieve highest level of martyrdom

‘I hope and pray Allah grants your wish and gives you the highest level of Shahada.’

Allah saves a special place (highest level of Shahada) for the muslims that fight the infidels and kill them in his name.

Prayed he would achieve highest level of martyrdomWanted his 72 virgins

These guys got some pretty heavy jail sentences. Now Jack thinks that is a good thing. Ofcousre a muslim will tell you that heavy jail sentences for terrorist will produce MORE terrorist like in the case below.

Penalties are harsh, Muslim elders say

SYDNEY Muslims are ”angry and frustrated” at the severity of the sentences meted out to five men convicted of terrorism offences, say community elders who worry that the strict penalties will serve to radicalise more young Islamic men.

”The penalties, while they are warranted, they seem really harsh,” said the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ikebal Patel. ”There is a real possibility that this might alienate some members of the Muslim community … there’s a lot of frustration and anger.”

Jack’s question is … what would Mohammad do? Or better what DID Mohammad do? We know from muslim documentation that Mohammad fought the infidels till they were subdued and payed him for their protection. More or less like the modern mafia. If they went back on their word/treaty with Mohammad he killed them.

So the question is should WE follow what muslims believe to be the “model” of Mohammad. Would that reduce the number of Islamic terrorist trying to fulfill the dream of reaching the highest level of Shahada?


Calling all Texans: Farouk Shami the Scamy!

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“I am pure Texan and pure American,” Shami said.

That’s what he says. Jack contends that is false. Jack contends his heart is where it always has been … Palestine … and not Palestine, TX!

Debbie Schlussel has got Shami’s number. Go and check the real Shami out.

And then just a day after Medina, didn’t reject the notion that the government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, Shami didn’t either. “I’m not sure. I am not going to really judge or answer about something I’m not really sure about. But the rumors are there that there was a conspiracy. True or not? It’s hard to believe, you know, what happened. It’s really hard to comprehend what happened. Maybe. I’m not sure.”

Is this a man you want to be your next Texas Governor? The most telling thing for Jack is that the man says he is a “Quaker.” Now why in the fuck would he say that when anybody would know that’s a flat out lie! What we do know is that he is a politician for sure … LOL

My business is in Texas ... My heart is in the middle east.

Jack thinks not. It’s your vote. KNOW who you are voting for. The photo above really does represent Farouk Shami. Half his face is a shining Texas businessman. The other half is a dark and worrisome muslim man ( Quaker RIGHT!) that supports terrorist. PLEASE take a few minutes and find out for yourself!

Even Mrs Jack said … no way she’s voting for this man even if she has to vote for a Republican … and that is a HUGE deal for Mrs Jack … to vote for a Republican.

Jack to Mrs Jack: How you gona pin this one on GW!

Mrs Jack to Jack: STFU Jack.

Jack: God save the Alamo :)


WH: Desperation is sitting in …

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… to claim this.

My shit is stinking bad ... get me something good dammit!

I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer.

You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government. I spent — I’ve been there 17 times now. I go about every two months — three months. I know every one of the major players in all the segments of that society.

Jack is really starting to think that Obama’s administration really does think the American public is dumb as dirt. Granted some are. The ones that are keeping up with what our pres is doing though are not. The media is not. Again granted some are but most of the media know what he’s up to and refuse to print it and only spin it thinking the Ameriacan public is dumb as dirt.

O is falling so fast in the polls and dying for a political win that he’s ready to lie about it and steal one. So what’s new? Nuttin …!

Ok … time for a good joke. At the 2010 polls how will you be able to tell the ones that voted for the ONE? We all got screwed but they’ll be the ones wearing a bag … :)

He said he would withdraw ... he lies!


Jack shit TWICE in one day!

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AHHHHHH … must be proof of global warming. Naaa … any sane person would say it’s proof that Jack is full of shit. Jack would have to agree … and so are these people that are chanting the proof of global warming are the records snowfalls we are experiencing. Next record rainfalls will be proof of drought?


Who dat …

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31-17 … it was a Brees!

It was a blowout!


It don’t make Census to Jack!

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The Super-Sized Census Boondoggle

Take the number of people paying taxes and add to that the number of people on the public dole. You pretty much have your census. A little work and a simple spreadsheet will do it … and for a lot less money than millions of tax payer dollars!

Where to cut the spending? Obama has told us we have to make some tough choices. Yup, it wasn’t easy, but they decided to keep in the $2.5 million for a Census ad during the Super Bowl. That’s just a part of the $132 million we will spend to tell people to fill out and mail in their census forms.

Now you’ll have many say … HEY what about the illegal aliens, homeless etc? Well illegal aliens aren’t supposed to be able to vote and homeless people don’t vote and all this etc etc CENSUS is about getting votes … right!

More goverment non-cenus spending of YOUR money. Spending a million bucks telling YOU the government is spending YOUR money!

Got any better ideas than US government spending millions of OUR dollars to be counted or hoodwinked … Jack welcomes solutions!


Islam: France braces for more CarBQ’s!

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France denies citizenship to Muslim man

Fatima can you smell that dogshit ... I know you cant see it!

France’s decision to partially ban burqa wearing has taken a new twist as it decides to deny citizenship to a Muslim man with his burqa-clad wife.

The French Immigration Minister, Eric Besson signed a decree rejecting a Moroccan Man’s citizenship application after it was revealed that he had “forced his wife to wear a head-to-toe veil”.

“It emerged during the inquiry and the interview process that this person forced his wife to wear the full veil, deprived her of freedom of movement with her face exposed and rejected the principles of secularism and equality between men and women,” said Besson in a statement.

“He has no place in our country,” said the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

Now if they only deport the one’s already there.