Feel free to send the feds your money …

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A constant beating of the drum from RICH Democrats are begging for taxes to be raised. Jack has no problem with THEM sending THEIR money to the feds. They can send them all they want. The feds will take it and spend it. Rich people know you can send money to federal government. Why haven’t they been sending THEIR money? Warren Buffet says … RAISE MY TAXES. Strange when he hasn’t paid and is still disputing 1,000,000,000 IRS tax dispute. Why is he fighting that?

Simple … rich people Democrats and Republicans don’t like to pay taxes. No one does.

Nothing is stopping these people calling for higher taxes to send their money to the federal government. Jack standing on a cliff with Democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg and he ask Jack to jump … Jack says no problem … you first!


Can you believe it …?

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Jack is not posting anything about 9/11 because he doesn’t want to offend muslims … RIGHT!

Damn he sounded like Bloomberg … don’t ya think?