VMA awards

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Only thing worth listening too. Rest was c-rap.


Vacation … good idea.

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Mandate … terrible idea.

It’s not that those leftist don’t come up with some good ideas once a century … it’s that they want government to MANDATE them by law.

Vacations are pro-family, promote good health and increase worker productivity. The U.S. needs to relax more by mandating the vacation breaks that other advanced nations do.

Obama is all for it. With the economy in the crapper he’s off for annual Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

See ya September 1st suckers.

Then there are the likely trips for ice cream and salt water taffy, possibly a bike ride and plenty of quiet time at a secluded 28-acre private estate that rents for $35,000 a week. The Obamas are paying for their share of the vacation home; taxpayers are picking up the tab for security and White House staff, which is customary for all presidents.

Jack is sure O won’t mind showing him the $35,000 check O paid for his share. ;)

Ofcourse we peons take the family car. O takes the jet, that tank of a limo and all of his people. Great spend OUR tax $’s to stimulate the economy … that’s O’s plan for job creation … bad idea.