Obama & Jack of all trades!

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How would a conversation go between Jack and Obama?

Something like this …

Obama: Hello Jack I’m running for president and would like your support and your vote.

Jack: Hey Barry I’ve seen your plans for America and they are not for me. Besides why do you think you should be president.

Obama: I’m the ONE that can put this nation back on the right path. I’m the chosen ONE and I’m just like you.

Jack: How do you know I’m not the ONE? And what do you mean I’m just like YOU? I don’t think I’m any thing like Rob-in-Hood … you know your plan to steal from the rich and give to … you say … the poor. Rob-in-Hood was a nice story and VERY popular like yourself but he was still a thief.

Obama: You racist cracker … how dare you call me a thief!

Jack: What would you call it Barry?

Obama: Redistribution of wealth!

Jack: Tell you what Barry I’ll make my on decisions to help the poor and do what you have to do.

Obama: What would you do if you were president to solve our nations problems?

Jack: First thing I’d do is put troops on our southern borders. When illegals tried to enter illegally 1) ask them to surrender or return home and enter legally 2) fire warning shot over their head 3) shoot them!

Obama: You can’t do that!

Jack: I can do any fucking thing I want with a Republican House/Senate/Conservative packed courts! Get the point.

Obama: Jack please don’t say anything about that … I get the point. Didn’t think a cracker like you would ever notice something like that but yea if I win the election Dems take House/Senate … we’ll be able to do anything we want.

Jack: Finally straight talk from the ONE … Rob-in-Hood. BTW Barry where were you born? How’s the court case going?

Obama: This conversation is over.

Find out where he works, if he paid his taxes, has a record … everything you can on this Jack of all trades! This cracker is trouble and needs to be silenced!

Jack: I heard that Barry … and so will the nation. And I can hit the jumpshot too!

Or maybe it would go something like this …

OMG the Republicans spent $150,000 on her wardrobe! Big news. Huge story for MSM.

While the Democrats spent how much ($7,000,000) on the Towers? How much for ($800,000) Acorn to register new voters? How much etc etc etc … MSM goes on vacation.

Yea this conversation is over you modern day Rob-in-Hood … lets have a video.

On a final note Jack ponders … Is socialism really that bad?


Ain’t that a bitch …

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… and two weeks before the elections.

Home sales see biggest gain since July 2003

Play Video Video: Greenspan’s Testimony FOXBusiness Play Video Video: Your Money: Understanding the Federal Reserve AP Play Video Video: Greenspan denies blame for crisis, admits ‘flaw’ AP WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sales of previously owned U.S. homes rose 5.5 percent last month, the biggest gain since July 2003, and the inventory of unsold homes fell, a hopeful sign for a housing market mired in a long slump.

Overpriced housing and people stop buying. Housing prices fall and people start buying. OMG it’s rocket science.

The sky might not be falling after all.


Islam: Finally some political straight talk about Islam

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The Third Jihad

The Third Jihad is a documentary that alerts Americans to the danger radical Islam poses to the United States and to Western civilization as a whole. The film spotlights radical Islam’s war against liberal ideas, its violent, anti-democratic agenda as well as its human and civil rights abuses against women, blacks, homosexuals, Christians and moderate Muslims.

And this from a muslim TOO! This site gives the real deal concerning the global Islamic political movement. It is an eye opener for the uninformed. Most muslims that Jack knows would take offense to this site … The Third Jihad. Very few and there are a few muslims would agree that “political Islam” or at least this political Islam has no place in the world today.

While The Third Jihad identifies “radical Islam” a threat, Jack feels that all political Islam is a threat for the simple reason is he has never seen any other form of political Islam.

Show him another and he’ll consider that but until then the threat is political Islam period!

Now if only our US politicians could summon up some balls and meet this threat. No doubt Obama won’t dare to upset ANY muslim sensitivites … even the radical ones.

These “radicals” don’t pull this stuff from thin air. They get this directly from Quran/hadeth/sunna aka: Religion of Peace.


Obama: Strange … very strange

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Obama … NO you cant see my birth records!

Jack has seen this going around for couple months but didn’t give much credit to it. Bunch of bloggers calling for his birth records is one thing. Now a lawsuit has been filed in order to have Obama’s birth records released.

Would the quickest, easiest and best way for Team O to put this to rest be … HERE they are… STFU?

But what does Team O do? Refuse to release them and stall. Spend money and other resources to keep them out of the public eye. Doesn’t that seem STRANGE … very STRANGE.

And the STRANGEST part of all of this is that it’s a DEMOCRAT behind this lawsuit … NOT the Republicans!

When I look out my window,
Many sights to see.
And when I look in my window,
So many different people to be
That it’s strange, so strange.
You’ve got to pick up every stitch,
You’ve got to pick up every stitch,
You’ve got to pick up every stitch,
Mm, must be the season of the witch,
Must be the season of the witch, yeah,
Must be the season of the witch (would this witch be named Hillary!).


Fact checking CNN’s … Fact check

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Fact Check: Would Obama fine businesses over health care?

Obama’s health-care plan, as outlined on his campaign Web site, would require that large employers either “offer meaningful coverage or make a meaningful contribution to the cost of quality health coverage for their employees” or else contribute a portion of their payroll to a national fund that would help people who can’t afford health care to pay for it.

The plan does not mention any criminal or civil penalties. And, by withholding a percentage of payroll, that portion of the plan seems more in line with a payroll tax than a fine — which would typically be a set dollar amount. In a section of McCain’s Web site highlighting his health-care plan and criticizing Obama’s, the money in Obama’s plan is referred to as a “tax,” not a fine. The McCain campaign did not respond to a CNN e-mail asking for clarification on his use of the term.

So it’s not a fine. It’s ANOTHER federal mandated tax on top of all the other tax increases he has proposed.

If this goes through Jack thinks … don’t pay a “federal mandated tax” and see if you get FINEd!

Jack has had a few friends that refused to pay their taxes. They were fined and yea one of them did some time!


Texas is on board and leading …

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Wind Power

Off the Texas coast.

For the last year Jack has watched massive blades for wind turbines being shipped out of the port near his workplace, trainload after trainload … month after month. Texas is the nations leader in wind power today. It surpassed that green friendly state of California last year … who would have thunk that!

With all the bashing from the Dems about alternative energy sources, the US is already #2 in the world in wind power. The US will soon be the leader in the world generating more electricity from wind than any other nation … again who would have thunk that!

Much much more needs to be done on all levels and all sources of energy production including “drill baby drill” but Jack doubts the general public knows these tidbits.

The world markets are in a freefall but the sky is not falling. In Dec 06 Jack blogged about this and much has been accomplished since then. One thing that hasn’t been accomplished is the wind farm in Cape Cod that is still in limbo thanks to a certain Democratic fat cat senator.

Until the US gets off the oil teat our economy, security and general way of life will be in threatened.

Jack’s hometown used to be known as the city that oiled the world. He wouldn’t mind if it was called the city that blew the world now!


Straight talk … about Islam

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