Obama wants your tax cut!

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… as home owners take advantage of lower rates they will have more money that we can tax to pay for all of these bailouts and also finance my huge goverment programs.

Come on Obami … that’s what you really mean!

Plus Jacks home is paid for so he doesn’t get “this tax break” .. do YOU!


Jack would change

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The only problem is these cost more than some change … at $50k for the Model S and $100k for the Roadster.

Tesla Model S and Roadster

Yep Jack grew up on muscle cars. Owned many but would gladly change if the price gets right. Now that is change Jack CAN live with.


Jack has decided …

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… he must have alot of phobes!

Gaining greater insight to Islamophobia.

When he reads an article like this he finally realizes how much of an Islamophobic he has become! The article talks about … you have nothing to fear. What the article does not say is what Islam is all about. This is where Jack gets his phobes from. From finding out what Islam is all about. Talking to muslims all over the world it’s no secret that Islam IS a political system that is all encompassing designed to dominate. Not to be part of as this woman says. When Jack hears stuff like this woman he thinks … doesn’t this person know what Islam is about? Have they not read the Quran/hadith/sunna? Where do they get their “opinion”? From this article the person says “CAIR” for Islamophobia. The same CAIR that that we all know!

A leading member of the House of Representatives is asking the FBI to explain why it did not notify Congress that it had cut ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, as revealed by FOXNews.com last week. And several lawmakers are calling on their colleagues to “think twice” before meeting with the Islamic advocacy group, which the FBI considers a front for Islamic radicals.

FBI must be a bunch of Islamophobes!

Did she not get the “CAIR” memo that Islam is not in any country to be part of … but to dominate!

As they watch their children grow up in this country, Mrs. Razvi worries, We are still part of the group of others not yet part of the fabric of U.S. society. People sometimes lack understanding that the few Muslims that did something unspeakable on 9/11 were not acting on behalf of Muslims.

Actually they were hun … it’s called jihad. And the majority of the muslim world rejoiced that the big satan had been hit back. It’s going on in every corner of the globe today. Those “few muslims” are fighting for exactly the thing the Quran/hadith/sunna calls for. Jack would like to recommend a book for this woman. Maybe she’ll understand then because she is having a hard time understanding the Quran/hadith/sunna.

Jihad for Dummies.

Now really can you call a woman that does not want to marry a homosexual (btw Mohammad said homosexuals should be thrown from a tall mountain) a homophobe?

Jack guesses you can call them anything you want but who gives a shit. This whole Islamophobia thing is more of the same … we are victims … you owe us something. Where have we heard that before.


What … NO

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You are doing as fine job “browny” joke from Jay Leno.


Ok … Jack will then!

In the interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Obama made clear he was standing behind beleaguered Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who was roundly criticized over the bonus flap and steps to revive the economy.

Obama said that if Geithner offered his resignation, the answer would be, “Sorry buddy, you’ve still got the job.” CBS released excerpts Saturday.

You are doing as fine job “browny”. Does that “bowl” you Obama lovers over with laughter? Ok Jack apologises. Ya’ll feel better now. Jack is guessing … NO!


Lying bastards Caught Lying

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A plea to the Democrats in Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional district that elected this piece of shit. Please vote the lying shit our of office. Jack really doesn’t care if you vote another Democrat to take his place but for gods sake get rid of this stench!

He says just 24 hours before he had no idea what happened then when he was caught with his pants down he knew alot. In fact HE DID IT … oh oh oh on bequest of the Obama administration by the way didn’t know anything either until they did.

Oh yea and that goes for Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Charley Rangel, John Murtha and that fag Barney Frank! No doubt there are others that have stunk up the place but lets start with these and work on it … Please.


The thrill is gone … F

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The grade is in and it ain’t good.

With “131757 responses” so far … Obami get’s an F


Jack never like that cockaroach!

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“Why don’t you mind your God Damn business?”

All those that voted for this man … please mind your god damn business next time and stay home on election day.


Islam: 1 Man = 2 Women

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Well that clears that up that testimony thingy in Quran … LOL

“And get two witnesses out of your own men. And if there are not two men (available), then a man and two women, such as you agree for witnesses, so that if one of them (two women) errs, the other can remind her.”



Islam: MSM finally …

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… pulls fingers out of their ears.


Now if they’ll only open their eyes.!


Jack must be lucky !

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According to this 20% of home owners are in trouble with there mortgate payments.

Jack looks around his neighborhood and in no way is 20% in trouble. Infact the majority of his neighbors don’t even have a mortgage. The houses are paid for and been paid for for years.

Is this luck or is this personal financial responsibility … ? So Jack’s conclusion to this is if this article is true … 20% of homeownwers are living above their means.

Nevada has the highest proportion of mortgage-holding homeowners with negative equity, 55 percent, according to First American CoreLogic. About 15 percent of District homeowners who owe money on their homes are “underwater,” compared to nearly 20 percent of Virginia homeowners and 13 percent of those in Maryland.

And Jack does not think it’s luck that Nevada (the gambling capital of the world) has the highest rate!