Justice finally served …

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… naaa not that stick up Gadflys backside.

Someone that could call an end to the sad little man’s journey. They sent Chaz packin. Now what does Chaz do? Like any good liberal would do … scream I’M THE VICTIM HERE! He said he wanted to show “another man.” Well if Chaz is the poster boy for “another man” … Jack says this is sad, very sad.

Jack equates this to Obama’s whiny stuff. Ones fat and sad … other is just sad … both new kinda men.


Protest, Protest, Protest …!

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No not the one in New York (Occupy Wall Street) that the freaks demand a paycheck for doing nothing.

Protest Dancing With the Stars!

Jack says send “IT” home. Now you call jack a homophobe or whatever. Well you be the judge.


What a liberal democratic punk …!

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You’d think big bad Bristol Palin popped him in his faggat face. He’s a proud homosexual. She called him a homosexual … and he gets pissy. Good on ya Bristol. You should have popped him in his faggat face.

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