While UK makes deep cuts in healthcare …

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it also repairs cuts.

Make me brand new again.

That’s right. UK’s wanderful healthcare system that O’s main man in our new healthcare system touts as the model system is making deep cuts in needed care to allow for more important procedures like “Hymen reconstruction.

Doctors say the trend is driven by young Muslim women under pressure from future husbands or relatives who insist they should be virgins.

Gynaecologist Dr Magdy Hend charges £1,850 for hymenoplasty at his Regency Clinic in Harley Street. He said: “In the past, we would do one or two a week. Sometimes now we get two or three a day. Demand has tripled.”

Yes this procedure could save a muslim woman’s life. She could be a victim of honor killing which is on the rise also, if she is discovered to not be a virgin.

But nothing to do with Islam … just a little blood.


If you’re a Democrat …

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… and chairman of the Ways and Means Committee ( which writes the tax code ) ,it’s ok to be a tax cheat?

The clock is ticking on tax cheat Charlie Rangel

>Friggin rat bastard on Jacks dime!

It turns out Rangel had a credit union account worth at least $250,000 and maybe as much as $500,000 — and didn’t report it. He had investment accounts worth about the same, which he also didn’t report. Ditto for three pieces of property in New Jersey.

Beyond that, we’ve learned that Rangel has failed to report assets totaling more than $1 million on legally required financial disclosure forms going back to at least 2001.

The news comes on top of revelations last year that Rangel didn’t report — and didn’t pay taxes on — income from a villa in the Caribbean. In that matter, the Internal Revenue Service gave him sweetheart treatment; Rangel paid about $10,000 in back taxes but was not required to pay any penalty or interest.

Sweetheart deals are popping up all over the place. If his tax cheating was a one off thing honestly Jack wouldn’t think much of this. Charley Rangel has shown over many years that he has KNOWN, WILLINGLY and REPEATLY cheated on his taxes yet he gets a sweetheart deal.

How can these people continue to be re-elected? It would be different if the voting public didn’t know these crooks were CROOKS!

Jack wants wants one … dammit! Not a chance in hell that this would pass that would put Jack and the ordinary tax payer on par with the likes of Charlie Rangel.

Thus the “Rangel Rule.” Under H.R. 735, if you’re caught cheating on your taxes, you would pay what you owe, then write “Rangel Rule” at the top of your return, and you wouldn’t be charged any penalty or interest. That way, Carter said when he introduced the bill, ordinary taxpayers would be “treated with the same courtesy that, it seems, the IRS is treating the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.”

Jack would like to thank Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican for giving it a try for the little guy that the Democrats lie and say they protect. They protect their on … period! It’s time for Charlie the Rat Rangel to room with former Representative William J. Jefferson.

Come on Nancy Pelosi … do your job. Come on Eric Holder … do your job. Most of all if this was a Republican it would be 24/7 wall to wall coverage by MSM. Come on MSM … do your job … FAT CHANCE!

These politicians are NOT going to police themselves when fortunes are at their figertips for the taking. In poll after poll the public say the bums should be put out on the streets … if only the voting public would go to the polls on voting day and do just that.


Jack thinks it’s a miracle but it looks like Charlie Rangel will finally have to account for his ways. Well if he doesn’t cut a sweetheart deal that let’s him slide into retirement without any admission of guilt!

And if he is found to be guilty shouldn’t that sweetheart retirement be null and void. Especially since he’s probably already stole that much money from the public coffers!

Update: No miracle or kinda a miracle. What does Dems have in mind for punishment?

Slap on the hand … don’t do that anymore Charlie … or rather don’t get CAUGHT dammit!

And let’s finish this whole mess with a birthday party fundraiser!


More blatant racism from Obama administration.

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Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures

-”[D]ealerships were retained because they were … minority- or woman-owned dealerships”;

-Thousands of jobs were lost, unnecessarily, due specifically to Obama’s “mandate for shared sacrifice”;

-A disproportionate number of Obama-forced closings were of rural dealerships, in areas unfriendly to Obama, even though such closures could “jeopardize the return to profitability” for GM and Chrysler.

It is becoming very clear with the dropping of Black Panther case and many others that Obama administration is nothing but a racist bigoted bunch of thugs. Oh and let’s not forget the jobs lost by this!

Yes this was a double whamy.


Islam: You’ve got to break a few eggs …

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to make an omelete.

Questioner: “What about the historical evidence that he was sometimes a poor moral example?”

Muslim: “That evidence is all wrong!”

Questioner: “How do we know it’s wrong?”

Muslim: “Because Muhammad is the greatest moral example ever! Don’t listen to what the early Muslims said about Muhammad’s murders, tortures, robberies, etc. Just listen to what they said about his acts of kindness!”

Muslims would have you believe that Mohammad was the most perfect man that ever lived. Thing is by “their” on accounts he at times acted ruthless and as blood thirsty as some of todays terrorist. Muslims will tell you NO innocents should ever be killed. By “their” on accounts if you said anything bad about Mohammad or Islam you were not … innocent and deserved to be put to death.

We in the west often wander why terrorist do the things they do. Fact is these terrorist are mostly following “their” prophets example as early Muslims so readily documented.


A death will really make you think …

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Jack’s been on a long sad trip …

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… tomorrow he starts his way back home. Hopefully in a “few days” he’ll be himself again.


Islam: Not some fringe extremist muslim …

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… MAINSTREAM muslim all the way.

He as any other caring person, would do what he did with will. If only he eliminated them all (jews).

This a quote from a young, educated muslim woman. She is NOT some fringe extremist that is in the minority of the muslim community.

Another …

respecting all what ya’ll wrote, but well, i think i like the dude !
i mean how strict he was .. everyone feared him!!
he killed jews !!
that’s what i admire bout him
… i like his personality.. dictator !

Another …

I dont know everything about him and all but i like him.
He killed Jews!

Again these aren’t “fringe” muslims. They are your everyday average muslim that would have every jew on the planet exterminated.

If you asked Eric Holder about this … what would he say?

hmmm … there are many reasons that someone would want a jew dead.

Could it have anything to do with Islam Eric?

Again … there are many reasons that someone would want a jew dead.

But could Islam be a factor why muslims would want the jews exterminated? His answer may be as another muslim put it …

Just to make things clear, 60 million people is almost 30 times the population of Oman!!
That’s a lot of people, and it’s hard to believe that they were killed for no good reason !


Happy 4th of July

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What we fight for.

“And on this day that is uniquely American we are reminded that our Declaration, our example, made us a beacon to the world.”

It must really piss Obama off having Americans celebrate their country. Maybe he’ll give an apology to the rest of the world for our independence. Wait he’s already done that!


Islam: More of that good old time religion.

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Iran court amputates thiefs hand

TEHRAN, Saturday 3 July 2010 (AFP) - Iranian authorities have cut off the hand of a convicted thief after a court ruling in the western city of Malayer, the hardline Kayhan newspaper reported on Saturday.

Under Iran’s Sharia-based Islamic law, amputation is permissible for crimes such as thefts.

Let Jack correct this … under ANY sharia based law amputation is permissible for crimes such as thefts. See this is not some radical form of Islam. This is Islam … plain and simple.


World Cup: Pairaguay out

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Awww … give Jack a call!


World Cup can get pretty intense.


Islam: Every father wants the best for …

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their daughter.

She is a cute little gal.

Abdul is accused of threatening to kill his daughter and Ashraf of threatening to kill and assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his sister.

But most won’t go as far as to do bodily harm and as many as 5,000 deaths a year in the muslim world. UK reports as many as 17,000 women are victims of honor violence every year. Muslim fathers, brothers, uncles and sadly even mothers kill their daughters to get what they feel is best for them … good ol time Islam.

Now muslims will say NO this isn’t Islam. OK she was dating a Hindu which is not a muslim … that’s a big NO NO in Islam. Hell dating period is a big NO NO in Islam. Hell in Saudi and other MUSLIM nations just being in the company of a man can get a woman in a terrible fix  … lashes for her!


Will Jack ever change his ways …

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… probably not