How to talk to a liberal idiot?

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Maria Bartiromo knows how to bitch slap one.

As she says in closing they have had 13 months to get this done … but no cigar. Obama and dems have demanded a balanced approach … tax the rich and tax the rich.


Egypt …

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goes down the sharia rathole.

Now who would imagine a majority muslim nation would vote for sharia law? Maybe Obama should go to Egypt and give another speech.

Now Jack will never see the pyramids.


Officer plays with their stuff …

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… and both promptly sue Texas Department of Public Safety.

Jack is pissed. This female officer gets to have all the fun and the tax payers (including jack) have to pick up the bill.


What a shocker …

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Countries that raise taxes to unreal levels … the rich take their money and go some place that they don’t have to pay such high taxes.

Can you believe it?

Oh and companies do it to.

12:13AM EST December 11. 2012 - By funneling nearly $10 billion in revenue into a Bermuda shell company last year, Google dodged about $2 billion in income taxes worldwide, Bloomberg News reports, citing financial records.

The off-shore tax shelter — legal in the United States and elsewhere — cut Google’s tax rate nearly in half, Bloomberg says. Bermuda has no corporate income tax. Bloomberg says the amount saved was about 80% of the company’s pre-tax profit.

In a statement from corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., Google said that it complies with all tax rules. The company also said its European investments help those countries’ economies and businesses, and provide thousands of jobs.

Last week, Reuters reported how Amazon has avoided income taxes — $1.5 billion, the IRS claims — by channeling sales through Luxembourg. In the course of accumulating $2 billion to finance expansion, the Seattle-based retailing behemoth has also evaded paying hundreds of millions of dollars to European countries.

Liberals that demand high tax rates should boycott Google. Wait a second. Wasn’t Google the 3rd largest company contributor to Obama’s campaign?

Google it and find out.