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… is all Jack has to say about this.
5 decry jail terms in Holy Land Foundation case

“You stated it was to help people, but the motive was to support Hamas,” the judge said. “You state that you are innocent, but the evidence shows the opposite.”

“The implication of this trial is significant, and the sentencing handed down by the judge (15 to 65 years) indicates that seriousness.”

“The … sentences handed down in the Holy Land Foundation trial indicate that this situation is likely to get worse,” she said.

He is looking forward to see what CAIR has to say about this since they could be and rightfully should the next in the box.

wahhhh ... wahhh ... wahhh


Memorial Day

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They died so WE could all live free.


Islam: Jack Checks Greece off his list!

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Riots enter second day.

Clashes have erupted between police and predominantly Muslim protesters in Athens, the Greek capital.

About 1,000 protesters took to the streets on Friday following reports that a police officer tore up a Quran, the Muslim holy book, belonging to an Iraqi immigrant while checking his identity papers.

Jack always did have a longing to travel to Greece and see the ancient ruins. Gosh they are beautiful. But at this point he has scratched Greece of his list of places to visit no matter how beautiful the sites are in that ancient world!

Greece before the riots

He will make one exception if he has to travel through Greece to get to one of the islands in Mediterranean where the real Gods and Goddesses originated.


Obama/Cheney side by side today.

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One seems confused and has no firm direction on what to do. So what does he do? He does what the Bush administration did and then criticizes them for it.

Other knew what to do and did it. Stayed firm on his convictions and defends them. No lets check the polls and see how many points this is going to cost us!

Can you pick which is which? Jack can!

Stormy Daniels says she’s ready for a senate seat. Jack is divided on this one! Her too!

Daniels, who hasn’t chosen a party affiliation, says she is seriously considering the race as the result of a draft movement.

Mr Speaker ... ohhhhh  Mr Speaker ... point of order


Would the Dems have cared?

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Sure they would have cared! They would have cared so much that if the Republicans had won the election they would have jumped off a cliff! So please Acorn do whatever it takes to help Obama WIN at any cost. Lie, steal, cheat and even break the law if that’s what it takes to get Obama elected. The NYT’s and the rest of the MSM cared TOO! Don’t dare report anything that is negative to Obama’s campaign … NOTHING!

We all care but Jack has to admit. The Dems and MSM cared much more in the 08 election to get Obama elected. Care so much as to lie and decieve the American electorate so the facts were not known. Remember the words of Martin Luther King’s famous speech … dream that someday we would judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin?

Everyday we learn more and more about our new presidents “character” and Jack doesn’t like what he is seeing. Jack cares and you should too! His fear is that the Democrats and MSM will care so much in the 2012 elections that Obama will be elected again.


Islam: Jack did just that…

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… and others should too!

Salaam! I am an English-born, US Citizen. I am a convert to Islam. True Islam, not the Islam that has been hijacked by a small group of terrorist fanatics! Read the Quran people, follow the Sunna, stop the violence. Violence only begets more violence. Nobody wins in war, nobody! Whatever your religion, pray for peace, and those of you who spread hate and racism, pray for forgiveness, judgement day will one day come. Insha”allah you will be ready to be judged for your deeds.
Robert, Miami, United States

When you read the Quran you’ll find that it calls for violence to bring justice to the world. Justice for muslims! If you look at all accounts of Mohammads life (sunna) he called for inviting non-muslims to Islam and if they didn’t accept there is a way to deal with the infidel. One is for fighting the infidel until they are they longer exist. So yes “Violence only begets more violence” and Mohammad was one of the worst perpetrators of this method. When all else fails … use violence!

So when Jack sees comments like this from a muslim … he wonders … have they read the Quran/hadeth/sunna? He thinks at best … selectively read them.

Now this guy gets it but falls short of calling Islam what it really is … a political agenda!

The Prophet was well prepared for fighting at any time with the enemy. When Makkah fell to Islam, it was clear to all that the unbelievers were not in a position to fight. Nevertheless, the Prophet was well prepared, and he ordered his companions to be prepared, in case the idolaters, or a section of them, found it too hard to let the Prophet take over the city without a fight. Therefore, the Prophet wore his full body armor.

Anas ibn Malik reports: “The Prophet entered Makkah on the day when it was taken over, wearing a helmet. When he took it off, a man came and said: ‘Ibn Khatal is holding to the covering of the Kaaba.’ The Prophet ordered him to be killed. He was not in the state of consecration on that day.” (Related by Al-Bukhari, Abu Dawood, Al-Nassaie and Ibn Majah.)

Its not an Islamic way to kill any person be a Muslim or non Muslim . All this happen because their is Politic’s inside and those who did to take their life were wrong .

Money is the big problem here and still people are ready to kill themselves just for the sake of money.

Hussein Abbas
Hussein Abbas, Mombasa, Kenya


Jack Likey …

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More on the so-called torture bruhaha.

Another thing Jack is liking is the Democrats right now. If the torture trials start let’s have ALL that knew, approved and funded the very actions that saved lives.

WHAT … you mean Nancy and her friend … yes start with those three.

Update: All of the sudden the Democrats are crying … the sky’s falling … the sky is falling on us!

And they are shocked … really shocked that CIA is playing hardball. Now this make Jacks leg tingle while the MSM is all over Sarah Palins upcoming book … LOL!

Nancy … your nose is growing.


Dumb and Dumber UK version

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TERROR suspects under house arrest are claiming up to £60.50 a week in ­Jobseeker’s Allowance.

In the latest example of ­soft-touch Britain, 22 out of 23 extremists who applied for the state benefit received it.

Yet none of them is available for work. Severe restrictions are placed on their ­movement because they are deemed a risk to national security.

Jack is betting that 23 that didn’t get the benefits was to damn lazy to fill out the required forms … and he’s bitching that he’s being decriminated against!

Believe Jack … this is the blueprint for Obama’s future. They turn Gitmo detainees loose in the US and they’ll be on welfare within days.


Good Girl

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By now we’ve all heard the answer. Let Jack interpret it correctly for Miss/Mr Perez Hilton.

We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.

Hey if you want to be a faggot … who cares … but don’t think you’re gona shove down Jack’s throat and all of America what you long to have shoved down yours … Miss/Mr Perez Hilton.

Update: Bad girl … running around in her panties and bra!

opppps that a bikini!

And still making big news.


File this one in …Dumb or Dumber

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Recriminations fly after NYC jet flyover photo op

For a half-hour, the Boeing 747 and F-16 jet circled the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District near the World Trade Center site. Offices evacuated. Dispatchers were inundated with calls. Witnesses thought the planes were flying dangerously low.

But the flyover was nothing but a photo op, apparently one of a series of flights to get pictures of the plane in front of national landmarks.

The director of the White House military office, Louis Caldera, took the blame a few hours later. One of the planes was a 747 that is called Air Force One when used by the president.

Is this how the White House should be spending YOUR MONEY?

According to International Civil Association Organization, the average
direct operating (airborne) cost of a B 747-400 in the year 2000 was
$6,761 per hour. That included $2,620 of fuel costs and $4,141 other
(and that is year 2000 cost … no doubt todays cost would be much more)

And this doesn’t take into account the cost of the two fighter jets that could have been needed doing what they are supposed to be doing!

Louis Caldera should be fired and if not fired his paycheck should be docked for the TOTAL cost of this … PHOTO OP!

Update: Actual cost of this stupidity $328,825.  $400,000-$328,825=$71,175 is what Obama should receive this year in salary!

Update: Now O won’t even let the public that paid for these overpriced photos even see them … so far the WH has said STFU and do what you are told like loyal subjects.


Young Bob’s …

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… got to know.


Islam: Can you see a trend?

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Freedom of the Press 2009 Survey Release

look at the blue NOT free countries.

Not only official press is being more and more controlled but all media period. Several of Jacks links have either shut down or gone quite … and they are overwhelmingly majority ME/Muslim blogs. They are not only arresting bloggers but some are dying at the authorities hands and many are doing real time.

I used to think that the only real fear I faced blogging was from someone who knew my personally and didn’t like what I wrote about my personal life or the society I am living in. Now I see that the danger is potentially deeper than that and could threaten my employment or even my freedom.

Now muslims will say … this is NOT Islam. Jack would say “sure it’s not” but pulease Islam/muslims prints are all over it in every case. As long a bloggers and press stay away from Islamic issues they are fine. The minute they question/disagree/deny oh Allah forbide and that is literal aka:blasphemy, they are harrassed, intimidated and if they continue ARRESTED!

4 years in Egyption prison

Now add the 57 nation strong Organization of Islamic countries recent UN efforts to make certain speech ILLEGAL! Naaa … nothing to do with Islam.

Update: Jack is wondering if a “free press” is really any good when the most popular stories in Google news are “a model wearing panties” … now that is some breaking news!

Or maybe this Obama, Biden satisfy sizzling burger craving … yep more hard hitting journalism.

And you have to HUNT for stories like this buried deep in the fold … New Allegations Of White House Threats Over Chrysler … which the WH denied and then story was collaborated by more than one source.

Although the focus has so been on allegations that the White House threatened Perella Weinberg, sources familiar with the matter say that other firms felt they were threatened as well. None of the sources would agree to speak except on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of political repercussions.

Go against WH orders and they’ll fuck you up … more or less. No wonder MSM is scared.

Run stories of eating burgers while WH threatens creditors and crucify a woman that openly doesn’t care for gays!

Stay classy MSM … you doing a fine job.


Obama said fill your tires …

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… Jack says fill something else … well kinda!

Don’t we all remember when Big O said if we keep our tires infllated we could save xxx of gasoline. Well coupled with this new product we can solve the worlds energy problems. Take this and shove it Saudi Arabia!

“There are things you can do individually, though, to save energy,” Obama said. “Making sure your tires are properly inflated – simple thing. But we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling – if everybody was just inflating their tires? And getting regular tune-ups? You’d actually save just as much!”

Makers say the Earth Angel Vibrator is made from recycled materials and can give an hour of eco-gasmic power for 8 minutes of cranking.

Green sex? Well that makes Jack want to puke!

Oh and this plays into Jacks last post … “fuck Obami” … freedom of press is live and well in the US.

Oh well … how bout a vid for those Los Lonely Boys :)


Gitmo lite?

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Don’t you just love Obamas thinking?

  • Let’s shut down Gitmo. That’s popular and will win me votes.
  • Fast forward … let’s not shut down Gitmo … I’m elected now and have no fuckin idea what to do with those people!
  • Oh shit … let’s shut down Gitmo again … I’m losing popularity!
  • OK OK … I’ve got it now … let’s shut down Gitmo and build a new prison in US to take those prisoners.

oh it's getting good now ...

Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday that he has asked for $50 million to build a prison in the U.S. that would house the enemy combatants who were sent to Guantanamo after being captured in the war on terror.

Hmmm … Jack’s going to call this one exactly what it is … a political circle jerk. Look for more and more circle jerking to be put forth by this administration. This is your leader and this is what he does best.


Jack jumped …

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… off a cliff today. He dosen’t mind the jump. Actually he’s been looking forward to this lifestyle change. So far only a few bumps and scrapes … no biggies. But he’s far from the bottom where he hopes to land on his feet. If he can make it through the weekend and next week … dammit he can Change the World!


For those that need a newer version … Crossroads

Jack caught up with JW many times playing a small club called “Our House” in his home town. Those nights were electric … spine tingling! He longs for them AGAIN.

Johnny Winter Jumpin’ Jack Flash Rolling Stones
by Pigasus_Power


Yep when he comes off shift next week if all goes well … It’s going to be Jumping Jack Flash!