Remember when Obama said …

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… YOU didn’t build that business? Well Hillary Clinton is taking it up a notch.

Not only did YOU not create that business, YOU didn’t create any jobs!

It worked for Obama. We’ll have to wait and see if it works for Hillary. Obama and Hillary think jobs grow on the government tree.


Two blond bitches chatting.

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No this is not a blond joke. If you watch the vid Andrea Mitchell gives Wendy Davis multiple chances to save herself but Wendy sticks to her talking points. Andrea even suggest Greg Abbott may have been faking his … disability.

Greg Abbott has been in a wheel chair since 1984 and now the Dems are questioning his disability?

That’s smell you smell is defeat for Wendy Davis. At best these gals owe Greg Abbott an apology and maybe even a blow job. Then they would know for sure if he has a disability!


This is what happens when you …

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… defend something you have never read or really know anything about.

Ben’s total ignorance of the Quran, hadith and sunna shines through. Notice he goes straight to the gross, racist meme. The other panelist are just as dumb about the subject.