How desperate is Obama …

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… desperate enough to stop campainging and act presidential as opposed to when Libya embassy was being attacked!

Also this desperate.

The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy.

Bloomberg NewsFederal government offices in Washington are closed Monday and may be shut again Tuesday due to the storm. It isn’t clear if the closure would cause a delay in processing the data.

“We will assess the situation when the weather emergency is over and notify the press and public of any changes at that time,” said Gary Steinberg, spokesman for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data arm of the department.

The Labor Department is also scheduled to release its third quarter employment cost index Wednesday, and the third quarter productivity and weekly jobless claims reports Thursday.

The most closely watched is Friday’s jobs report, which will give the final measure the unemployment ahead of next week’s presidential election.

Most transparent Jack thinks.


Candy Crowley just can’t help herself …

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… she’s a liberal hack.

In debate #2 Jack thought it was going pretty good. Granted he thinks Romney got the better of the debate. But back to the third party in this debate. Candy Crowley had to toss Obama a bone (actually several bones) . She just couldn’t help herself. It was the question about Benghazi, Libya terror attack.

Obama lied again. Candy backed up his lie. This will keep the Benghazi, Libya terror attack in the news at least a few more days front and center which is a good thing for Romney.

Now she admits she may have spoken out of her largesse ass. Jack forgives her now that she corrected herself. Now she needs to correct herself to the 60 million she lied to on national television.

See how this works. If you’re wrong and then correct the wrong you get forgiven. Obama STILL hasn’t corrected his wrong on Benghazi, Libya terror attack and has the gall to say this …

“The suggestion that anybody in my team, whether the secretary of state, our U.N. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we’ve lost four of our own, governor, is offensive,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s not what we do.”

When that is exactly what he did and is still doing about Benghazi, Libya terror attack. Come clean Mr I’m offended for calling me out. The liberals will forgive you … even Candy. Jack can’t make any promises on his forgiveness and get ready to get really offended in the 3rd debate. Benghazi, Libya terror attack will be main topic.

If Obama … Mr Offended … would have come clean day one this be would old news. Jacks advice for Mr Offended if you are going to bluff (read the transcipt LOL) make sure your opponent is going to fold and not read the transcript.


The girls are breaking for Romney.

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In 2008 Obama received 70% or so of the female vote. Well the polls say different in 2012. Why? Jack thinks he has an idea. Women will usually forgive you if you stand up and be a man about your failures. If you stand up and say I was wrong and I will do better in the future women will give you the benefit of the doubt. If you cry like a baby and blame everything under the sun about your failures women will see you as a petty little boy that hasn’t grown up. Women don’t want a petty, whiney, little boy. Women want a man even if you have flaws.

So this poll shows women are turning to Romney. If Romney takes 50%+ of the women vote come November 6 … Obama is toast.

dont lie to me

Another thing is women have this built in radar about when a man is lying to them. They have watched Obama lie over and over again about petty things. Things women would have forgiven him for. He couldn’t do that. Obama had to lie and blame something or someone on HIS failures. Women hate that in a man more than anything. Here’s an example …

( – President Barack Obama said on Thursday that “we got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office, however, the government will lose about $24 billion on the bailout.

Hell tell one lie … may as well tell another in same outing!

CBO said that the cost of TARP “stems largely from assistance to American International Group (AIG), aid to the automotive industry, and grant programs aimed at avoiding home mortgage foreclosures,” noting that the losses will be so large they will eclipse the financial gains the government will realize from bailing out other large financial institutions.

In fact, CBO reported that as of now $65 billion in TARP funds remain outstanding.

This is what happens when he has to defend his failures … he flat out lies.

The failures are bad but forgivable.
The lies are unforgivable and fatal.

No war on women from Romney. How bout a Truce.


What did Jack learn …

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… from the VP debate?

He learned that Obama and Biden has alot “buffers” from the state department or any other department under their direct control that could make them look bad. Jack seems to remember that Obama said the buck stops with him … except when it doesn’t.

Biden said that “we” were unaware of security concerns in Libya. On Friday, White House officials clarified Friday that the vice president was speaking for himself and President Obama. State Department officials, they said, had not passed on requests for more security.

Funny that is exactly how organized crime works … yea buffers for denial.


Obama: Where is the BEEF!

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After the unemployment #’s came out this week all the Dems were touting happy days are here again … well maybe not happy days are here again but for SURE touting progress.

no beef

Let’s see. Unemployment was 7.6% when Obama took office.
Now 4 years later with Obama and Dems controlling House/Senate for 2 years and WH and senate for 2 years … unemployment is 7.8% today.

Obama and Dems call this progress. Obama called it math in the debate. Jack calls it at best same ol same ol … but the math says O you haven’t made it back to square one yet much less ANY progress.

Also Obama says this is the “right direction.” If next unemployment #s go back up … will he say that is the “wrong direction.” Bet he STFU and beats a path back to the View to be more eye candy.


Game of the week …

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Florida Gators vs LSU Tigers!

Florida has home field advantage.

florida gators

But how you can bet against LSU! They have massive talent/depth in every position.

check these footballs


Big Bird is a Big Boy now …

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It took all of one day for Obama to jump on the Romney wants to kill BigBird bandwagon.

oh my bigbird

Well BigBird is all grown up and needs to leave the nest.

PBS is now home to numerous lucrative franchises — with “Sesame Street” the most successful, having earned $211 million in merchandising sales from 2003 to 2006.

Indeed, Sesame Workshop’s total assets at the end of last year stood at more than $411 million — and its CEO is paid nearly $1 million a year.

Which certainly makes Big Bird a 1-percenter, earning far more than Mitt Romney — and paying far less in taxes, to boot.

Imagine that … BigBird is not paying his “fair share” of taxes. You better get right on that Obama!

Plus the liberals are going nuts over the BigBird death threat.

CNN host Soledad O’Brien says that her son was “devastated” after Wednesday night’s presidential debate because he believed that GOP hopeful Mitt Romney wanted to kill Sesame Street character Big Bird.

Jack is thinking that if Soledads son is still watching BigBird … the debates may be a little over his head. Jack is positive the debates are over his mothers head.


Jack knew Romney had won the debate …

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… when Mrs Jack switched the channel and said … I’m not going to listen to anymore of those republican lies!

sour puss

Well this, the first debate, was on the economy. Really all Mitt had to do was keep to Obamas record, which he did. Mitt did give more though about what he would do and that sealed the deal.

Now on to foreign policy debate. If you thought the 1st debate was bad the foreign policy debate should be brutal. Have you ever walked into a room, turned on the light and the roaches ran … this is what these debates will resemble.

Great job Team Mitt … keep turning those lights on and watch them run.


Reverend Barack Obama speaks

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The american public would never elect …

Reverend Al Sharpton …
Reverend Jessie Jackson …
Reverend Louis Farrakhan …
or Reverend God Damn the United States Jeremiah Wright …

But they did elect Reverend Barack Obama. He will have a good future preaching his hate shit for many years to come.

Will this make any difference in the 2012 election? Jack doubts it will make any difference but at least people will know what they are voting for.


Breaking: Dallas Cowboys moving

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After the dismal showing last night Jerry Jones is considering a move to the LFL in order to be more competive. They also will be able to cut cost by getting their uniforms on site at the new Victoria Secret store at Dallas stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys owner is making another bold move, opening a Victoria’s Secret PINK store for Monday’s game vs. the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium.

Obviously, this is groundbreaking. This is the first underwear store to open at a professional sports stadium or venue. Or so we think.

gang tackling

Remember you got it from Jack. Now if they can just win a few games!


Jack can get on this Eco bandwagon.

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The Cowboys play tonight but the hot team right now are the Eagles. But to the post title.

So Hot Clicks salutes the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders on being the first girls to produce their annual calendar on eco-friendly, recycled paper.

eco friendly chicks

Not your typical liberal tree huggers.

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