The system WORKED!

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Update below …

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up the Amsterdam-Detroit flight this week demonstrated that the system worked.

hmmm … excuse the idiots that don’t know any better. That is who this woman must be speaking too!

If the “system” is a few brave souls on that flight that stopped the man … yes it worked.

If the “system” is counting on the islamophuqnuts to be incompetent … yes it worked.

If the “system” is your system Miss … DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano … it utterly failed!

Remember that B+ … Obama now says a solid systemic F ailure. Only honest thing Jack has ever heard the man say. Well that’s a start!

But for now let’s work the system and blame Bush.

“The idea was that we’d show that the Bush Administration had had far worse missteps than we ever could,” says a staffer in the counsel’s office. “We were told that classified material involving anything related to al Qaeda operating in Yemen or Nigeria was fair game and that we’d declassify it if necessary.”


Mentally unstable?

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Or pure Islam?


Vote anybody BUT …

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… the one that beat you for the winner. Jack doesn’t watch alot of TV but “Survivor” is one show he enjoys. He loves the scheming backdoor deals cut to stay in the game.

Russell was robed!

Russell OWNED this episode in every aspect from Day 1 to Day 39. The jury was packed with a bunch of pantywaist liberals that couldn’t stand someone beating them … plain and simple. Mick and winner Natalie beat no one … here’s the money! Past episodes the jury has been able to put their personal petty BS aside and award the money to the person that “Out witted, Out played and Out lasted” the other competitors. This jury coudn’t do that. No doubt Russell reminded them of GW.

What is it with America today?

Natalie is a little cutey no doubt … but did you think Jack would be that shallow to fall for a pretty face! Come on Jack is much DEEPER than that :)

Where's the beef!!


Les bon ton roulet

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Let the good times roll

Jack ... you make me SO mad ... you!

The places where people are most likely to report happiness also tend to rate high on studies comparing things like climate, crime rates, air quality and schools.

You can think that if you want but Jack knows for a fact that Louisiana coonasses are happy because they don’t really give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks.

Givem a good bowl of gumbo, dance on Friday night, day at the track on Saturday … and they rest on Sunday!


Obama “orders” world to act!

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World gets up and walks out.


Free those Navy Seals!

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Go and sign this petition … Please!

Let Eric Holder know you are not happy with his loving the terrorist and hating the very men/women that protect us from the terrorist!


Islam: Closing the import/export gap.

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First those ol boys from Minnesota to Somalia to help their “muslim brothers”.

Now more misunderstanders/wrong interpretation/this is not islam … of the “religion of peace” off to Pakistan for some jihad. The most notable being a former president of “Muslim Student Association.” Gosh you would think he’d no better … right?

You can also see that MSNBC hasn’t a clue of why these ol boys would do something like this.

Well you’d think that most of the worlds noted “Islamic scholars” would no better … right? Now how itf is a dumb kuffar like Jack supposed to know better if prominent noted Islamic scholars can’t get it right!

Jack thinks he gets it right and the scholars do too … Islam is not really the religion of peace. And he bases this on the words and actions of muslims worldwide that are supposed to be the experts.


Jack has decided …

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… he must be a prune! Jack thought he was a pretty liberal guy when it comes to sex. Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar. Jack has no problem with sex education in our schools. He has no problem with gays either as long as they don’t try to hit on him. If they do Jack’s going to put his foot up their ass not his fist!

Where does Obama find these people? The material Kevin Jennings wants to be read and taught to kids in our schools in the guise of “safe sex” couldn’t even be shown on cable TV. Does Obama or any of his close cronies know this is going down? If he doesn’t, what do you think he’ll do when his daughters come home from school and he asked them … what did you learn today? … FISTING daddy.

Whatever happened to … cop a feel or sneak a peek? Guess Jack is a prune … so be it!

Ok … for the freaks that visit … how bout a hard bottom turn?

Jack always did love the sun sand suds surf and yes SEX


Jackkkkkkkk …

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Someone To Watch Over Me - Ett…


Most sickening story of the day!

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This is criminal and the Ft. Hood base commander should be fired right now.

It’s been brought to my attention by several reliable sources that the Defense Department has brought Louay Safi to Fort Hood as an instructor, and that he has been lecturing on Islam to our troops in Fort Hood who are about to deploy to Afghanistan. Safi is a top official of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and served as research director at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).

After the Foot Hood whole political … we can’t make muslims feel uncomfortable thing. This is truely unbelievable. Go read it all. If you’re like Jack it will make you sick!

What is wrong with these people? Will they ever learn?


What a snooty bitch she is …

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Maureen Dowd

Barack Obama is the ultimate party crasher. He crashed Hillary’s high-hat party in 2008 and he crashed the snooty age-old Washington party of privileged white guys with a monopoly on power.

Sneaking past the White House gates with the slippery Salahis, we catch a rare glimpse of a Secret Service, a social office and a Pentagon with glaring — and chilling — vulnerabilities and liabilities.

OMG how the nails can come out to scratch your eyes out …. when Maureen doesn’t get an invite! There will be other state dinners Maureen. You can crash the next one!

Jack can’t believe he’s saying this but he thinks EVEN Maureen Dowd is having buyers remorse these days.