Nazis arresting innocent brown visitors.

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The left is in a tizzy. Why? How dare you even attempt to slow the “illegal” immigrants into the US.

The left media is asking … if an “ILLEGAL” immigrant is standing on the corner minding his own business are you going to arrest them? HMMM … wtf does where they are standing or what they are doing have anything to do with arresting someone that has commited a crime?

The lefts main argument is … this is a federal isssue … NOT state! Jack knows what to do now. When he messes up on his taxes … go and stand on a corner and mind his own business. He’s sure the left with Al Sharpton leading the charge will come to his rescue. Wait … Jack’s not brown or black … that might not work. Plus that would be un-american … to arrest a criminal LOL

Much Washington DC would be incarcerated … LOL

Let Jack leave you with this thought. Obama signed into law that you will be “forced” to show proof of health insurance … but to show proof that you are a “legal” citizen or immigrant … that’s oh so fuckin wrong! So racist … you fuckin NAZI’S!

Hey now that’s a thought …. ask them if they have proof of health insurance … right. ;)


Green Day …

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The tax man cometh … April 15

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… stay tuned peeps. You’re going love this one. Jack’s personal tax story this year.

Update: Jack has a date with tax person next week. It won’t be pretty. He’s planning to demand to get the same deal the tax persons boss got when he owed back taxes.

Update:OK … here’s what happened. Mrs Jack cashed in an IRA for 2008 and told them she didn’t want any paper from them anymore. Yea she’s one of those “greenys.” Didn’t tell Jack either. When tax time rolled around she didn’t go online as required and get her 1099-R for 2008 taxes.

Upshot … JACK has to pay the back taxes plus penalties and interest! If you’ve read this far listen to the vid … YOUR taxes are going up TOO!

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Rachel Maddow correct on one point.

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Jack will admit it. FOX news does not have a raving lesbian as MSNBC does.


They do have some good looking FOX news anchors though. Come on over to FOX news Rachel … lots of gals to hit on.


She regrets voting for Barack Obama,

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Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party

But, Lewis added, “I should’ve listened a lot closer when he talked about ’spreading the wealth.’ “

Awww … they voted for change and now they feel they got short changed!

Yea everyday more and more are regreting voting for the Messiah but hey we are ALL stuck with him 2 and half more years.

Asked how she feels about having voted for the president, Lewis said “I feel lied to, cheated and raped.”

No doubt Obama would tell her … lay back and enjoy it.