SOTU and the many responses …

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Jack did like the republican response by Paul Ryan but he also liked this one.


Islam and the State of the Jihad/Union.

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Tonight Obama mentioned American muslims. Is there any difference in “American” muslims and the rest of the muslim worldwide population. Jack says … and let him be perfectly clear … NO!

thats not what i learned in muslim school.

Besides the defensive variety, Mustafa expressly endorses “offensive jihad” as the license to attack non-Muslims living in non-Islamic countries. It is the consensus of sharia scholars, he instructs, that offensive jihad is “permissible” in three different situations: (a) “to secure Islam’s border”; (b) “to extend God’s religion to people in cases where the governments do not allow it”; and (c) “to remove every religion but Islam from the Arabian peninsula.”

When you ask the average muslim the stock answers are, jihad is inner the struggle to better ones self. Violent jihad is only defensive.

When you ask the “consensus of sharia scholars” you get a very different answer. Jack tends to believe the “consensus of sharia scholars” on the meaning of jihad. He has no idea why the average muslim tells the world something totally different. The only thing that he can think of is the average muslim knows very little about Islam or they are lying.

This brings Jack to the State of the Union address by Obama tonight. He said alot things but up to this point Jack can only believe his actions. Those actions are a total contridiction of what he said tonight. Islam has a name for that … Taqiya. Obama is well versed in taqiya. And he says he’s not a muslim.


Jack will be boycotting!

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For the first time in Super Bowl history Jack will be boycotting the game … WHY?


No cheerleaders! That’s right Pittsburgh and Green Bay does not have NFL cheerleaders.


Dyed or not ….?

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dyed grey dyed black

And only her hairdresser, Reggie Bush, all of New Orleans Saints, pretty much anyone that has an internet connection and Jack knows if Kim’s is dyed black or au-natural.

pink or black


Islam: More on the Islamic blasphemy law.

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What does the Islamic world think of the recent assassination of a Pakistan governor? Well we know Pakistan in general by their own words … HE DESERVED IT!

Whoever has killed him is a pious man and will go directly to heaven

In a shockingly blunt endorsement of Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination, Ameer Jamat-e-Islami in Sindh Asadullah Bhutto has declared that the assassin will directly go to the “seventh heaven”.

And why did he deserve killing? He simply voiced his opinion about the blasphmey law and supported this woman (Aasia Bibi).

He even went on to say that Taseer would not have got killed if the government had replaced him. “Aasia Bibi will suffer the same fate if the punishment awarded to her by the court for using derogatory remarks against Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (PBUH) is not implemented,” he added.

The “security officer” that killed him plus TOLD other officers of his intentions and the general public regard Mumtaz Qadri, the police bodyguard who killed the Punjab governor Salman Taseeras a national hero.

The assassin of the outspoken Pakistani governor was showered with rose petals by lawyers and people as he made his appearance in a court room to face murder charges, laying bare the increasing radicalisation of the Pakistani society.

“We pay rich tributes and salute the bravery, valour and faith of Mumtaz Qadri,” acclaimed Jamaate Ahle Sunnat Pakistan, one of the biggest organisations of Barelvi, representing 500 religious scholars.

This is Pakistan but what about the muslim population in general? Many will say in public same as the Pakastanis … HE DESERVED IT! Many will say in public that these are “extremist.” Nothing to do with Islam. Those same muslims will say in private … HE DESERVED IT!


First post of 2011

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Woman worth half that of a man.

Where do they get this idea? Quran/hadeth/sunna ofcourse. Ask any muslim woman and they will tell you that Islam gave them their rights. Yep Islam gave them the right to be worth half that of a man or boy.

Ok what to expect in 2011. That’s pretty easy. More of the same and if you ask Jack it will be much more of the same. More of this in Islamic nations.

In fiery speeches across all major cities and towns, religious leaders warned the government on Friday against altering the law, which carries a mandatory death sentence for anyone convicted of insulting Islam.

That law would be the “blasphemy law” in Islam. Look for the OIC to push hard through the UN to make it international law. Look for the “moderate” muslims to continue to give lip service to “Islam is the religion of peace” while in every nation on earth that muslims reside it will be “we love death as you love life.”

And where do they get that? Quran/hadeth/sunna of course.

And look for more of this …