Eric Holder: alas the smoking gun!

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Fast and Furious: GOP says wiretaps revealed Gunwalking early on

pick yourself out of this one

“Contrary to the Attorney General’s statements, the enclosed wiretap affidavit contains clear information that agents were willfully allowing known straw buyers to acquire firearms for drug cartels and failing to interdict them-in some cases even allowing them to walk to Mexico. In particular, the affidavit explicitly describes the most controversial tactic of all: abandoning surveillance of known straw purchasers, resulting in the failure to interdict firearms,” says Issa.

Congress has him by the short hairs now. All congress has to do now is squeeze till he talks.

American Dream


More penalty tax stuff …

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obama fcked me

“It’s a penalty because you have a choice,” Carney said. “You don’t have a choice to pay your taxes, right? You have a choice to buy — if you can afford health insurance. … So if you don’t buy it, and you can afford it, it is an irresponsible thing to do to ask the rest of America’s taxpayers to pay for your care when you go to the emergency room. So your choice is to purchase healthcare reform or a penalty will be administered.”

Jack messed up on his “taxes” a few years ago. He had to pay the tax, PLUS a penalty, PLUS interest.

Jack is wandering WTF Jay Carney is thinking when he said you have a choice? Does he mean if you choose not to buy healthcare … no problem? That is what he would like you to think. Jack is simply asking you to THINK.

What happens if you don’t pay your taxes (which the court has ruled this is)? A penalty, interest and who knows what else. We learn more everyday about ObamaCare.

Jack doesn’t think Obama gives a fck … pay up bitch!

This is what happens when you intentionally and willingly refuse to pay the IRS their pound of flesh.

Singer Lauryn Hill is facing jail time after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges in a New Jersey Court on Friday. The former Fugee could owe up to $75,000 in fines and three years behind bars for failing to file between 2005 and 2007.

Yep Jay she had a choice. She made a bad choice.


ObamaCare … Penalty or Tax?

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ObamaCare has been and will continued to be examined as a penalty/fine or put precisely by SCOTUS a tax if you refuse to buy health insurance.


So let’s set the record straight:
•First, the health insurance reform bill being considered in the Senate does not raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 — in fact it is a substantial net tax cut for American families. The bill being considered represents a substantial net tax cut for middle income families. According to the independent Joint Committee on Taxation, the bill will provide nearly $450 billion in individual income tax cuts over the next 10 years.

The record is straight. ObamaCare has become the largest tax increase in American history for ALL americans with exception of the 1372+ and counting waivers Obama has given to his political allies … but don’t you dare call it that.

The plans newly approved for waivers cover more than 160,000 people, bringing to nearly 3.1 million the number of individuals in plans exempted from the health law’s requirements. Of the participants receiving waivers, more than half – over 1.55 million – are in union plans, raising questions of why such a disproportionate share of union members are receiving waivers from the law’s requirements. The percentage of participants receiving waivers that come from unions also continues to rise – the number was 48% in April, and 45% in March.

Jack thinks it’s rediculous conversation. How about it’s “YOUR MONEY” the government is taking out of your pocket no matter what you call it. Penalty/fine or tax every person in the US with exception of the thousands of waivers Obama has given to his political allies has to pony up the cash.

Jack’s just going to call it … theft by elected officials. November would be a good time to steal these elected officials jobs and give no quarter/waiver/mercy to the ones that wrote and voted for … again the largest tax hike in recent history for ALL americans.


Islam: entrenched in foothills of the Punjab

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What a twit.

Historian David Starkey provoked a race row yesterday after claiming the Rochdale child exploitation ring who groomed white girls for sex had values ‘that were ‘entrenched in foothills of the Punjab’.
During a public debate he said the gang, who were jailed last month for targeting vulnerable teenage girls, needed to be ‘inculcated in the British ways of doing things.’
But he was branded a ‘racist’ and a ‘bigot’ by journalist Laurie Penny, who attended the panel event at Wellington College in Berkshire.

miss penny

hmmmm … Jack invites Miss Penny to go to the foothills of Punjab and see how long it is before she is indoctrinated to Paki (or saudi or any deeply islamic nation) “cultural norm.” That should make for some great investigative journalism.


OMG: Twitter went down …

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… and Jack didn’t miss a beat.

“Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter,” a company statement said. “Our engineers are currently working to resolve the issue.”

That did not stop some panicked users from launching complaints.

“Twitters broke, my life has no meaning anymore,” one user wrote on the social media website Tumblr.

Another wrote, “twitter is down and my life is over.”

It’s amazing to Jack that today people will complain about a FREE service being down as if their life depended on it. They must be demorats.

There are some sad people in this world. And even sadder are the people that only have Siri to talk to.


At least Jack has a dog. Actually 3 dogs. Cookie, Candy (miniature white Schnauzers) and now a big black lab that someone dumped in the neighborhood. He landed on Jacks porch starving to death and Mrs Jack had to feed it. This happens more when the economy is in the dumps.

Night Train

Jack has put flyers out but he is sure no one is going to claim this dog. He calls him Night Train and loves Jack to death now … but after tommorows trip to vet for some “nip tuck” on his family jewels … we’ll have to see.


After 7 days, a trip to vet treated for worms and rabies shot Mrs jack got a call from the owner of Night Train. His real name is Max. Mrs jack handed the owner the vet bill and he said … that’s alot of money. She told him don’t worry about the vet bill … JUST take care of your dog in the future. Max jumped in the back of his owners new pickup and now he’s gone.

Oh and jack has to repair the porch railing that Candy slips through and Max smashed through after her to play. Boys will be boys … but Candy was teasing him!


UN: People will be held accountable.

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kofi annan

Kofi Annan has been quoted as saying … THIS MUST STOP NOW. Now the UN is saying people will be held accountable.

Well Jack says that may very well be true that one day someone will be held accountable for the Syrian massacres that continue daily … BUT it won’t be the UN holding them accountable. It won’t be the Arab League. It won’t be the OIC. It won’t be the GCC. It won’t be a muslim.

We all know who if anyone will hold them accountable and if they do they will be condemned as invading, murdering forces by the UN, Arab Leauge, OIC and muslims in general.

The UN has NEVER held anyone accountable … especially their own.

Jack says in the future let them kill themselves.


Obama knows more than anything …

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… presentation/perception can make the difference in winning or losing. His presentation of late has been very poor.


Hers is spot on.

Ok to the meat of this post. Fast and Furious Committee Wants AG Eric Holder Held in Contempt

A House committee probing Operation Fast and the Furious says the Attorney General is withholding information from them and should be held in contempt.

The committee, investigating a flawed gun-smuggling operation in Arizona, said they are considering contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder for failing to produce documents they are seeking. The contempt vote is scheduled for June20.

After Holders presentation before house committee last week it appears they have had enough. Now that would be something. The hightest officer of the law in US tossed in the hoosegow! He’ll look lovely in a bright orange jumpsuit.


Eric Holder orders fox to guard henhouse.

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The american public is dumb as dirt … according to Eric Holder.

Attorney General Eric Holder ordered two federal prosecutors tonight to open criminal investigations into a series of national security leaks to the news media.

Holder appointed Ron Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Colombia, and Rod Rosenstein to lead the criminal investigations into recent leaks concerning a disrupted bomb plot by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and a New York Times story about President Obama ordering cyber-attacks against Iran with the Stuxnet computer worm.

“These two highly-respected and experienced prosecutors will be directing separate investigations currently being conducted by the FBI,” Holder said in a statement. “I have every confidence in their abilities to doggedly follow the facts and the evidence in the pursuit of justice, wherever it leads.”

These national security leaks have been going on for months and months and now AFTER Democrats and Republicans called for congressional investigations he decides to keep it in house.

Eric Holder/DOJ refuses to comply with congressional investigation (Fast and Furious).
Eric Holder/DOJ has intervened at every step of the way in Obamacare case in courts.
Eric Holder/DOJ has intervened in every state case involved with voter ID.
Eric Holder/DOJ has intervened in every state case involved with immigration.
Eric Holder/DOJ refuses to provide documents from jihadi investigation.

“On April 27, 2011, members of this committee asked you to give us information surrounding the decision by a justice to forgo prosecution of the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case. This is the largest terrorism finance case, of course, in U.S. history. You’ve refused to comply with this request,” Franks said to Holder.

“It’s hard for me to answer that question – ” Holder started.

“No it’s not. It’s not hard to answer. It’s will you or will you not,” Franks interrupted.

There are many more … these are just the highlights.

Eric Holder is Obama’s boy. The Obama adminstration that these prosecutors will be investigating. The question is IF they find Obama has leaked would they Court marshall the Commander in Chief?

This is same as tossing Jack in Playboy Grotto and telling him … don’t you touch!

jack promises not to touch

Jack can’t promise he wouldn’t touch but gives his solomn word … he would NEVER leak!


She’s always been # 1 …

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… in Jacks eye’s.

warm sand

A Grand Slam … Tata baby


Do as I SAY … NOT as I do … dammit!

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Update: Below

How many times did you hear that as a child? Well that is exactly what the Dems say about voter ID laws. Eric Holder has jumped the shark and sued every state that has voted for voter ID … to vote.

But what do you HAVE to have to get in the Mass democratic convention.

If you guessed a valid photo ID … you’d be correct.

Under the Registration and Credentials section …

DEMOCRATIC party. all. together. now. Delegate Guide

Registration and Credentials

Jack refuses to be treated as a child.


Michelle Mooch Obama not only will REQUIRE a photo ID to get into her book signing but your Social Security # also.

Mrs. Obama will visit the downtown Barnes & Noble store located at 555 12 St. NW, at E St. On Friday, June 8th, those wishing to attend the event must purchase a copy of the First Lady’s book at the location (for $19.20) and leave it at the store, according to the employee. At the same time, customers must also submit their social security number and show an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport) to a Secret Service agent, and they will be issued a wristband to attend the First Lady’s event on June 12. Book sales and wristbanding begin at 9:00 AM on June 8. The store’s phone number is 202-347-0176.


How shitty is Eric Holder … DOJ?

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Holder to Florida: Stop checking records for illegal voters

yea put your hands up muther fcker

On Friday, Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Department demanded that the State of Florida — considered a vital electoral state — to stop checking voter records in that state’s probe of illegal voter registrations.

Meanwhile, in a letter to a top state official, T. Christian Herren Jr. of the Justice Department’s Voting Section, said “the effort appeared to violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which protects minorities.”

In the letter to Florida’s Secretary of State Ken Detzner, who is in charge of elections, Herren claimed searching for illegal voters “seemed to violate the 1993 National Voter Registration Act” and its rules for maintaining “accurate and current” voter registration lists “in a uniform and non-discriminatory manner.”

However, critics of Holder and his underlings at DOJ believe this is another scheme to allow illegal immigrants, convicted felons and out-of-state residents to vote in Florida which has been a battleground state that can determine a winner by a mere few hundred votes.

“Holder, Herren and their boss [President Barack] Obama have shown absolutely no proof of discrimination. If they’re so worried about the integrity of voters rights, why didnt they go after the New Black Panther Party who actually interfered with voters rights?” asked political strategist Michael Baker.

You cannot remove from your voter rolls felons, illegal aliens, dead people (you know people that are not supposed to be able to vote by law)! Obama needs those votes!
That’s how shitty Eric Holder, DOJ and Obama … it be smelly up in the DOJ.


How shitty is the economy …?

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it is worst than you thought.

full of shit economy

The tight U.S. economy has turned even essential goods into luxuries. Now consumer-goods companies are seeing something they thought would never come to pass: Parents are buying fewer diapers.

Spending on children has traditionally held steady in times of recession, including the most recent one, with parents sacrificing other items rather than scrimping on their children’s hygiene or happiness.

But as the economy continues to sputter, recent data show diaper sales are slowing and sales of diaper-rash ointment are rising.

And what are the MSM pushing. Same thing Jack is pushing. ABO (anything but Obama) Thing is ABO for MSM is saying it’s anything but Obama’s fault. Jack is saying he’ll take anybody but Obama come November elections.

Those damn constraints. (code for republicans)
Europe is bringing US down.
Even China.

Jack is thinking … is this rash ointment covered in Obamacare?


More Do as I say … Not as I Do!

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What do all these women legislators have in common?

democratic friggin do as I say not as I do

Well they are ALL women. They are ALL democrats. They are ALL sponsers of a bill that would make law … equal pay for women.

But here is the rubthey ALL pay their female staff less than their male staff.(some FAR less)

“Of the five senators who participated in Wednesday’s press conference—Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., Patty Murray, D-Wash, Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. —three pay their female staff members significantly less than male staffers,” WFB said.

Now Jack has no objection with paying females on par with male workers. But this is a case of … Do as I Say … NOT as I do because these women COULD pay their female staff equally with their male staff. THEY choose not to do so.

Another example is Al Gore. Jack has posted about this before. Al Gores footprint is the size of Texas and believe Jack … TEXAS is big. Al Gore could live small but he chooses NOT too.

The whole point is our legislators DEMANDING things of the citizens that they aren’t willing to do themselves. That’s a tuff sell to the public. It’s a no brainer to Jack. If you want him to do something for the better good of our nation YOU better be willing to do that same something also before he’ll even consider it.

And lets not forget about Mooch and Obama taking their lavish vacations and then asking the public to tighten their belts for the sake of government.

When American families are cutting back on travel due to rising gas and food prices, President Obama should be considerate of the sacrifices millions of citizens are forced to make and adjust his travel plans accordingly. Statistics published by The Blaze note the Obama vacation to Hawaii last year cost approximately $4 million. Before the family trip to Hawaii, the Obama’s had already spent $10 million dollars of taxpayer money traveling to Vail, Colo.; Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.; and Spain.

Again Jack has no problem with people taking lavish vacations. But again … another example of Do as I Say … Not as I Do.

Is this leading from behind as Obama said he did in Libya? Well if you lead from behind all you see is an ASS!

this is leading from behind

November 6, 2012 do the right thing. Get rid of those that lead from behind.

Unless you’re cooking from behind:)

cooking from behind

Ok you knew Jack was not going to end this on doom and gloom! Plus this pic is good for 1′000’s of hits from Islamic countries and keeping with the theme of … More Do as I Say … Not as I Do.